Meike Tilebein

Meike Tilebein

Place of employment
Works at
Center for Management Research of the German Institutes for Textiles and Fiber Research (DITF-MR Denkendorf)

Meike Tilebein is full professor and director of the Institute of Diversity Studies in Engineering at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. She graduated in engineering cybernetics and earned a doctoral degree in strategic management. She then served as assistant professor of innovation management at the European Business School, before she joined the University of Stuttgart in 2009. In 2011 she was also appointed as director of the Center for Management Research (DITF-MR) that is part of the German Institutes for Textile and Fiber Research Denkendorf (DITF), the largest textile research center in Europe.


The New Revolution in Textiles and Fashion Manufacturing: Industry 4.0 and its Implications

Track & Session

New Collaborations - Building European innovation ecosystems

23 June 10:00-12:00 hr - Flexible production approaches for smart industry