Guido Dierick

Guido Dierick

Executive Vice President and general counsel
Place of employment
The Netherlands
Works at

What priorities do you see to strenghten Europe’s industry?

“We see a bright future where Europe is leading in connected, intelligent devices with the right level of security. This will influence our industries. In Smart Industries production machines interact with each other and with the products to achieve best in class productivity and quality. But the industrial sector needs to embrace the digitization rapidly and needs to learn from the IT industry, also in applying the right levels of security. Furthermore we need to strengthen the European industrial ecosystem by adopting smart industry technologies faster than anyone else. The key competencies required to achieve this, connectivity and security, can be provided by the European industry.

Doing so will increase the competitiveness of European production. At NXP e.g. we optimized our Dutch factory in Nijmegen so well that the factory is now the world benchmark in flexible cost competitive semiconductor production.”

Plenary Opening – New Companies for a Smart Europe

24 June, 08:30 hr - Award ceremony Industrial Student Challenge