Argiris Laskarakis

Argiris Laskarakis

Head of Organic Electronics Group
Place of employment
Works at
Nanotechnology Lab LTFN, Center for Organic & Printed Electronics, University of Thessaloniki

Specialist in the fabrication of flexible organic electronics devices (e.g. organic photovoltaics, organic thin film transistors) by vacuum and printing methods. Expert in optical metrology of nanomaterials by Optical Spectroscopies as well as on the computational modelling of optical properties of nanomaterials and thin films.


Development of Smart Machines, Tools and Processes for the Precision Synthesis of nanomaterials with tailored properties for Organic Photovoltaics

Track & Session

Revolution by technology & innovation

22 June 13:30-15:00 hr - Thin Film & Roll 2 Roll manufacturing processes