I4MS: Fostering digital industrial innovation in Europe

I4MS, ICT Innovation for manufacturing SMEs, is a € 110 million initiative of the 'Factories of the Future' partnership launched in 2013 and designed to support the adaption of innovative ICT by SMEs. Through eleven large projects in four key areas, such as HPC Cloud-based simulation, advanced robotics, CPS/IoT and smart sensors, I4MS brings SMEs end-users and suppliers directly into research and innovation projects, introducing them to innovative technologies and supporting the adoption of such technologies or supporting them to move their technology from the lab to the market.

In April 2016, European Commission will present its set of measures and recommendations with the aim of fostering European industrial competiveness by supporting companies in their digital transformation. One of those measures promotes the creation and reinforcement of Digital Innovation Hubs in every European region, which will support industries lagging behind, especially SMEs and mid-cap companies, in the uptake of digital technologies.
New actions to expand the network of competences centres and digital innovation hubs to new regions through the launch of calls for regional Digital Innovation Hubs present a good opportunity to reach out and involve the diverse landscape of European SMEs and mid-caps.

The I4MS 2016 event will also present the progress achieved by the I4MS initiative with respect to the impact on SMEs and mid-caps. To date I4MS has achieved over 80% industrial participation with more than 250 SMEs participating in projects leading to the adaption of advanced digital technologies and experimentation of new business models.
Participating SMEs will present their experiences, results achieved and impact made. They will explain how they have benefited from the I4MS network and what these technologies have meant for their business.

This event will bring together high-level speakers from the European Commission and relevant industries, competence centres, and key players in European manufacturing to share ideas on topics related to the reindustrialisation of Europe and the key role played by SMEs.
The event programme will cover the main aspects of the initiative, the experience of the participating companies, and some of the experiments and applications developed under the initiative. SMEs will have the opportunity to interact with the main actors within the I4MS community and will be informed on how their company can benefit from the initiative.

Thursday 23 June

I4MS: Fostering digital industrial innovation in Europe Part 1
Moderator: Thomas Bade, Phoenix, DE

Digitising European Industry: A key role for Europe's digital competence centres
Max Lemke, Head of Unit, Components and Systems, European Commission, EC


Factory 4.0 and beyond
Maurizio Gattiglio, EFFRA, IT              


I4MS initiative in a nutshell

14:15- 15:00

Panel discussion on Regional Digital Innovation Hubs

15:00– 15:30

HPC cloud-based simulation and analytics
Francis Wray, Scapos, UK

  • Micro-Macro mechanical properties of high-pressure vessels
    Hristijan Miceski, Mikrosam, MK (Fortissimo)
  • Cloud-based multiphase flow simulation of a bioreactor
    Dalibor Jajcevic, SES-Tec, AT (CloudFlow)
15:30- 16:00 Coffee break

Industrial laser based equipment assessments
Ulrich Thombansen, Fraunhofer ILT, DE

  • Direct diode laser sources for energy efficient manufacturing
    Carles Oriach Font, Monocrom, ES (Lashare)
  • Large area functional surfaces by roll-to-roll Nanoimprint Lithography
    Theodoros Tachtsidis, Nanotypos, EL (Appolo)

Roadmapping on Cyber Physical Systems
Luis Usatore Irazusta, Technalia, ES 

Friday 24 June

I4MS: Fostering digital industrial innovation in Europe Part 2
Moderator: Thomas Bade, Phoenix, DE

Smart Sensors equipment assessment
Oscar Gonzalo, Tekniker, ES

  • Milling of thin walled work pieces,
    Stefan Lender, Invent GmbH, DE (Intefix)
  • Turning of low pressure turbine casing
    Patrick Meneroud, Cedrat Technologies, FR (Intefix)

The European HPC cloud-based platform
Andreas Ocklenburg, Cloudsme AG, DE

10:30-10:45 Digital transformation
Colin l'Anson, HP Enterprise, UK

Industrial laser based equipment assessments
Gediminas Raciukaitis, Center for Physical Sciences and Technology, LT

  • Ultrafast lasers for the solar industry
    Laura Abrardi, Onefive, CH (Appolo)
  • Making money with ultrafast lasers
    Arnaud Zoubir, Alphanov, FR (Lashare)

Panel on I4MS Phase II projects - Growing the ecosystem

12:00-13:00 Lunch Break

Robotics application experiments
Fabrizio Caccavale, Università degli Studi della Basilicata, IT

  • Cooperative, safe and reconfigurable robotic companion for CNC pallets load/unload stations
    Federico Vicentini, CNR-ITIA, IT (Euroc)
  • Systematic Bridge Inspection with Drones
    Vladyslav Usenko, Technical University of Munich, DE (Euroc)

HPC cloud-based simulation and analytics
Andre Stork, Fraunhofer IGD, DE (CloudFlow)


I4MS Phase 3 - Nurturing teh ecosystem
Francesca Flamigni, Project Officer, Components and Systems, European Commission

14:25-15:10 Panel discussion on next evolution of I4MS (WP2018-2020)

Closing remarks
Max Lemke, Head of Unit, Components and Systems, European Commission