Programme outline

The ambition and distinctive competitiveness of Europe’s industry lies in high value-added customised goods and services, flexible and demand-driven manufacturing with less waste and better use of resources as well as the effective management of value chains and access to markets throughout the world. The way forward is to create a future industry, based on Europe-wide cross-sectoral innovation and a multidisciplinary integration of digitalisation and industrial technologies.


The Industrial Technologies 2016 conference focusses on six main themes. Each theme will be addressed in the different lectures and the workshops of the Industrial Revolution track of the conference.

There are major challenges in fully exploiting the new industrial technologies in creating a smart Europe. The conference Industrial Technologies 2016 – Creating a Smart Europe focuses on these challenges and will identify priorities that are crucial to further strengthening European industry.

Fit for the future

The conference aims to co-develop the European agenda for the transition to a competitive European industry that is fit for the future. For this purpose the programme includes a policy track in which pressing issues for policy makers will be discussed, priorities will be identified and recommendations for policy will be formulated. The policy track will result in a policy agenda that will be presented to Commissioner Moedas.