Leisure Highlights Tour Amsterdam

Amsterdam is awarded by the European Commission as European Capital of Innovation (iCapital) 2016. If you want to see and experience yourself why Amsterdam won this award, take part in Amsterdam highlights tour on Friday 24 June 16:00–18:00 hr

We selected a couple of interesting locations for you.

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Start Up Amsterdam (FULL)

Amsterdam is the biggest startup ecosystem in Europe with a creative working space for innovation, education and growth. She builds a bridge between startups, creatives and corporates and brings them together, setting up ways to connect with-, learn from- and grow with each other.

FabCity (FULL)

This innovative campus will feature various pavilions, art installations and makers’ spaces based on the theme of the ‘self-sufficient city.’ FabCity comprises of approximately 50 innovative pavilions, installations and prototypes. More than 400 young students, professionals, artists and creatives are developing the site into a sustainable urban area, where they work, create, explore and present their solutions for current urban issues. The participants come from various educational backgrounds, including art and technology academics, universities and vocational colleges.

Smart City Experience Lab (FULL)

Amsterdam is concentrating on technological innovation which contributes to a better and smarter city for residents, entrepreneurs and visitors. In the environment of the MEA complex, a number of innovations are on display, such as the very first iBeacon Living Lab.

With these iBeacons, a host of smart apps make it possible to communicate with passers-by, at various locations from the Central Station to the MEA complex. The Digital Mile also exhibits new technologies in demonstrations, such as that of the swarm of self-driving cars in 10 square meters.

In the Smart City Experience Lab in the MEA complex, you can experience urban innovations in terms of connectivity, mobility, energy and water, virtually and live through demonstrations.