Industrial Challenges

Students: Meet the industry!
Do you want to solve a challenge for the industry? Do you want to work together with other students from all over Europe? Do you want to get in contact with innovative companies? Join the Industry Challenges at the Industrial Technologies conference and challenge your knowledge.

International student at work

Think smart, challenge your knowledge

You as a PhD or Masters student can experience the challenges industry has to face! In workshops together with a team of other students from all over Europe, you will get the chance to figure out the best solution for a real life industrial case and get an exclusive insight in an industrial company.

Join the Industrial Challenges

Join Industrial Technologies 2016, the largest networking conference in the field of new production and process  technologies, materials, nanotechnology, biotechnology and digitisation in Europe.  Industrial Technologies 2016 offers talented Masters students & PhD’s from all over Europe an opportunity to solve a technical problem, a business case or a policy issue.

  • You will experience how far your knowledge will get you when confronted with a real life case from the industry and how you can come up with innovative solutions by working as a team.
  • You will meet the industry and have an opportunity to build your future.
  • The best solution is rewarded with a prize and presented during a Plenary Session of the Conference.

Six Challenges

The Industrial Student Challenges you can expect:

New Applications for Photonic Integrated Sensors LioniX International
Coating technology for non-biomedical applications LipoCoat
Pitting and Crevice Corrosion of Stainless Steel 316L Pipings Under Offshore/Marine Conditions MTI
New 3D metal applications for SME's    NLR
How to promote the new Solar Bike into the market Solar Application Lab
Challenges in the application and integration of thin film solar cell technologies Solliance

Practical details

  • You will work on the case(s) on Wednesday 22 June and Thursday 23 June.
  •  In each challenge only a limited number of students can participate.
  • Participation of the Industrial Challenges is free of charge if you participate in an Industrial Challenge! Included are a ticket for the 3 day conference and travel arrangements. Students coming from abroad will also be provided with accommodation.

Registration for Industrial Student Challenges is closed.  All the challenges are full.