During the three day conference an exhibition and demo market is organised on the ground and first floor of the RAI Conference Center.

At the exhibition you can find international organisations that help you in different ways to create a Smart Europe. You can find stands, see demonstrations of revolutionary products and prototypes at the demo market and consult research outcomes at the poster sessions.

You are able to visit the exhibition a couple of times a day. Breaks, lunches and drinks at the end of the day are taking place at the exhibition, so enough opportunities to meet new contacts and to visit the stands.

These organisations can be found at the exhibition. This list will be updated regularly.

Exhibitors What they offer
AMA Composites AMA is currently the first group in Italy able to supply components and equipment for outfitting and maintaining off-highway vehicles, agricultural and gardening machines. AMA is a guarantee of availability of non-original accessories and spare parts for agricultural and gardening. AMA Composites is a producer of AEROGEL insulation materials for building & construction sector, industry and oil & gas applications.
AMBER Crann Institute AMBER (Advanced Materials and BioEngineering Research) is a Science Foundation Ireland funded centre that provides a partnership between leading researchers in materials science and industry. They are researching nano and bio materials, like graphene, nanowires, collagen scaffolds - materials that will transform everyday products of the future, from mobile phones to knee implants, batteries to beer bottles. The aim of the centre is to develop products that directly impact everyone’s quality of life. AMBER is jointly hosted in Trinity College Dublin by CRANN and the Trinity Centre for Bioengineering, in collaboration with University College Cork and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.
Aristotle University - Nanotechnology Lab LTFN

The Lab for Thin Films - Nanobiomaterials - Nanosystems & Nanometrology (LTFN), Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is internationally acknowledged specialist in Organic Electronics–OE, Thin Films & Nanomaterials Technology, vacuum, printing (roll-to-roll, inkjet), OVPD & CVD Pilot Lines, Nanometrology, in-line optical sensing & Nanomedicine.

LTFN coordinates several EU/National Projects, the Hellenic Organic & Printed Electronics Association HOPE-A (www.hope-a.com), and it organizes annually the NANOTEXNOLOGY multi-event (www.nanotexnology.com) that combines International Conferences, Summer Schools and Exhibitions on Nanotechnology - Organic Electronics and Nanomedicine.
AIMEN Technology Centre

AIMEN Technology Centre is a national and international reference in R&D&i and technological services in the field of materials and advanced manufacturing technologies, especially joining and laser technologies for the processing of materials and robotics. An example is the FaiERA Project.  Its main objective is to reinforce the capabilities and research potential of AIMEN in the field of laser microprocessing of materials. This Project, is supported by the EU through the VII FP.


A.SPIRE is an international non-profit association formed to represent the private sector as a partner in the Sustainable Process Industry through Resource and Energy Efficiency (SPIRE) Public-Private Partnership (PPP) launched as part of the Horizon2020 framework programme. This new association represents more than 130 industrial and research process industry stakeholders from over a dozen countries spread throughout Europe. The mission of A.SPIRE is to ensure the development of enabling technologies and best practices along all the stages of large scale existing value chain productions that will contribute to a resource efficient process industry.

Bavarian Research Alliance

Bavarian Research Alliance GmbH is a non-profit association promoting Bavarian stakeholders within the European Research Area. BayFOR is financed by the Bavarian state government. It supports scientists and stakeholders from the private sector on European research funds, mainly the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation "Horizon 2020". As a partner organisation in the EU-funded Enterprise Europe Network BayFOR supports SMEs, Research Institutions and universities for applying EU research projects, with our main activities:

  • We have adequate resources and expertise to support efforts competing for research funding
  • We provide a sound knowledge of regional, national and European research funding
  • We identify project partners in your area of science and business
  • We support you from project initiation to completion
  • We assist you in project management issues.
Delft IMP B.V. Delft IMP (Intensified Materials Production) commercialises nanostructuring of particles using atomic and molecular layer deposition, based on the patented and publicized IP and know-how developed within the Product & Process Engineering group at Delft University of Technology. Following various feasibility projects between industry and university, Delft IMP was initiated end 2014 to truly commercialize the technology.
Delft University of Technology  
ECN Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) is the largest energy research institute in the Netherlands. ECN develops new technology and conducts pioneering research in various ways into innovative solutions to facilitate the transition to sustainable energy management. With around 500 members of staff, they are active in projects both at domestically and abroad, in joint efforts with the industry, government authorities and research institutes. They do this from their locations in Petten, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Brussels and China. ECN’s research has a major influence on day-to-day life. In this, we perform an important role for the society of today and the future.

The European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA) is an industry-driven association promoting the development of new and innovative production technologies. EFFRA’s key objective is to promote pre-competitive research on production technologies within the European Research Area by engaging in a public-private partnership with the European Union called 'Factories of the Future'. This brings private and public resources together by launching market-orientated cross-border projects through a progressive research and innovation agenda. These projects produce demonstrators and models which are applied in a wide range of manufacturing sectors.

European Commission

Would you like to learn more about the funding possibilities in Horizon 2020 or get a short training on proposal submission, consortium building or the EU Participant Portal ? Join us on the European Commission stand at the exhibition from 22 to 24 June and ask your questions to the EC staff and National Contact Points.

Read more

Fidia S.p.A. was founded in 1974 by two young engineers graduated at Politecnico in Turin and interested in minicalculators for industrial applications in automation, an important innovation in those years. In the wide range of companies manufacturing machine tools, Fidia is one of the few that can provide all the on-board electronics and the process software. Up to now Fidia operates in 2 leading sectors, automotive and aerospace, and provides high quality and customisable machines and equipments that can fulfil the most sophisticated needs in precision and productivity.

FME FME is the number one employers' organisation in the technology industry. The 2,200 affiliated companies employ a total of 220,000 people and are active in the fields of manufacturing, trade, automation and maintenance in the metal, electronics, electro technology and plastics sectors. The combined turnover of all FME members is € 70 billion, their collective added value amounts to over € 20 billion, and their exports total € 37 billion. FME members therefore account for one-sixth of all Dutch exports.
hDMT (www.hdmt.technology) The hDMT institute (Institute for human Organ and Disease Model technologies) is a precompetitive non-profit technological R&D institute, initiated in the Netherlands. This institute integrates state-of-the-art human stem cell technologies with top level engineering, physics, chemistry, biology, clinical and pharmaceutical expertise from academia and industry to develop and valorize human organ and disease models-on-a-chip.
Holland High Tech Holland High Tech organises the joint programming by companies, research organisations and public authorities in the Dutch high tech sector of collaborative R&D, availability of manpower in science and technology, and access to international markets and knowledge. Meet with our partners at the Holland High Tech Lounge on the ground floor.
INCOMERA, M-era.net and MANUNET networks

INCOMERA is a coordination and support action especially devoted to NMP technologies. INCOMERA will address the problem of "valley of death", bringing together 21 different regional or national funding agencies, focusing on successfully ended, research projects with a high potential to become a commercial success. M-ERA.NET is an EU funded network to support and increase the coordination of European research and innovation programmes and related funding in materials science and engineering. The M-ERA.NET consortium will continue to contribute to the restructuring of the European Research Area by operating a single innovative and flexible network of national and regional funding organisations. MANUNET is a network funded by the European Commission. The objective of  MANUNET to promote and fund transnational research and development projects in the field of manufacturing, through yearly calls for proposals.

InnovatieLink Innovation Link offers SME entrepreneurs in the top sectors Chemical and Energy practical solutions and support for innovation issues. Innovation managers match the demand of companies with offerings from universities, funders or locations with facilities and equipment. The Innovation Atlas and Atlas Funding provide insight into networks and finance in the Netherlands.
Institute for Sustainable Process Technology (ISPT)

ISPT connects stakeholders from different sectors and disciplines to process technologies whereby process innovation is strengthened and expedited and The Netherlands distinguishes itself in the International innovation landscape. ISPT’s mission is to realise and maintain an active and open innovation platform for sustainable process technology where all stakeholders can optimally work together within an inspirational and trusted environment thereby maximizing the contribution to (break through) innovations.

I4MS I4MS (ICT Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs) is the initiative promoted by the EC to support the European leadership in manufacturing through the adoption of ICT technologies. In fact, Europe's competiveness in that sector depends on its capacity to deliver highly innovative products, where the innovation often originates from advances in ICT.
KU Leuven  
Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems & Automation (LMS) University of Patras

LMS is oriented on research and development in cutting edge scientific and technological fields in the manufacturing domain. LMS is involved in a number of research projects funded by the CEU and European industrial partners. At the exhibition, LMS will present recent research results from our three groups: i) Manufacturing Processes Modelling and Energy Efficiency, ii) Robots, Automation and Virtual Reality in Manufacturing & iii) Manufacturing Systems.

LEITAT (Acondionamento Terrasense)

The concept of the EUROTAPES project is firstly to integrate the advanced materials developments into longer length of high current coated conductors and to generate the process and control system know-how necessary to move into production in the future. The project is coordinated by the ICMAB (Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona).

Materials Innovation Institute

Materials innovation is their business. The ever-increasing demands of the world in which we live lead to a constant search for better and safer products as well as material and energy savings. Enabling these innovations is their goal. By connecting people, sharing ideas and increasing the knowledge base these innovations become reality: from miniaturization in electronics to predicting the mechanical performance of large structures. M2i helps partners solve their materials innovation challenges.

Ministry of Economic Affairs

The Ministry promotes the Netherlands as a country of enterprise with a strong international competitive position and an eye for sustainability. It is committed to create an excellent entrepreneurial business climate, by creating the right conditions and giving entrepreneurs room to innovate and grow. By paying attention to nature and the living environment. By encouraging cooperation between research institutes and businesses. This is how they enhance our leading positions in agriculture, industry, services and energy and invest in a powerful, sustainable country.


NanoNextNL is a consortium of more than one hundred companies, universities, knowledge institutes and university medical centres, which is aimed at research into micro and nanotechnology. The total sum involved for NanoNextNL is € 250 million , half of which is contributed by the collaboration of more than one hundred businesses, universities, knowledge institutes and university medical centres and the other half by the Government of the Netherlands.

Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR)

NLR is a leading international research centre for aerospace. Bolstered by its multidisciplinary expertise and unrivalled research facilities, NLR provides innovative and integral solutions for the complex challenges in the aerospace sector. NLR’s activities span the full spectrum of Research Development Test & Evaluation (RDT & E). Given NLR’s specialist knowledge and facilities, companies turn to NLR for validation, verification, qualification, simulation and evaluation. NLR thereby bridges the gap between research and practical applications, while working for both government and industry at home and abroad.NLR stands for practical and innovative solutions, technical expertise and a long-term design vision.

Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)

Netherlands Enterprise Agency (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland) encourages entrepreneurs in sustainable, agrarian, innovative and international business. Their aim is to improve opportunities for entrepreneurs and strengthen their position. The Agency works at the instigation of ministries and the European Union. Netherlands Enterprise Agency focuses on providing services to entrepreneurs. It aims to make it easier to do business using smart organisation and digital communication. The Agency works in The Netherlands and abroad with governments, knowledge centres, international organisations and countless other partners.

NL Presidency  
Politecnio de Milano

Politecnico di Milano is one of the most outstanding universities in the world, ranked 24th on a global scale, 7th in Europe, and 1st in Italy among technical universities, according to QS World University Ranking – Engineering & Technology 2015. Founded in 1863, Polimi is the largest school of  Engineering, Architecture and Design and in Italy, with 3 main campuses located in Milan, and 5 campuses based around the Lombardy region, one of the most industrialized areas of Europe. Thanks to a strong internationalization policy, several study programs are taught entirely in English, attracting an ever-increasing number of talented international students from more than 100 countries. Strategic research is carried out by more than 1200 professors and researchers mainly in the fields of energy, transport, Manufacturing and management, design, mathematics and natural and applied sciences, ICT, cultural heritage, with more than 250 laboratories.

In particular the Manufacturing Group will take part in the Industrial Technologies Exhibition. The team counts around 30 researchers working in the field of operations and supply chain management, with a particular focus on design and management of manufacturing systems, Socially Sustainable and Energy Efficient Manufacturing and Industrial Services, Product Lifecycle Management and Cyber Phisycal Production Systems. The Team has taken part in more than 20 international funded projects.

REDIT – Network of Technological Centres in Valencia Region The Network of Technology Institutes of the Region of Valencia is a private, non-profit association that was established in 2001 by the Technology Centres of the region whith the collaboration and the support of  the Regional Government. REDIT is composed of 12 Technological Institutes associated that offer a wide range of advanced R&D&I aimed at companies, especially SME´s, which need the support of external agents to innovate.
Region of Smart Factories We realized that the transition towards real smart manufacturing is so fundamental and complex that we decided to do it together. We are a consortium of 40 partners in the Northern Netherlands, all frontrunners, big and small companies, users and suppliers, and institutes teaming up in the challenging process to build up the Region of Smart Factories. The Region of Smart Factories (RoSF) is the biggest Fieldlab at the Dutch Smart Industry Agenda.

The International Conference REinEU2016 (Re-Industrialisation of the European Union 2016) will gather hundreds of representatives from European and international research, innovation communities, and the business sector to discuss this topic during a prestigious event in the field of nanotechnologies, advanced materials, manufacturing and production technologies, biotechnology. From 26th to 28th October 2016 the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava, will welcome about 1,000 participants, which makes it one of the largest events during the Slovak presidency of the Council of the EU in the second half of 2016.

Aside from the conference, the event will include Slovak and international exhibitors, a poster section, extensive meetings with future partners in projects of the Horizon 2020 programme, and site visits to innovative businesses. Last but not least the conference aims to produce a strategic document identifying a future blueprint for the “renaissance” of the industry in Europe.
SmartFactory KL e.V. Imagine automation technology effortlessly keeping pace with ever shorter product life cycles. Imagine new products being flexibly produced in the smallest batch sizes. Imagine highly profitable production in Germany. These are the goals pursued by SmartFactoryKL together with partners from industry and research. As the pioneer of Industrie 4.0, they want to take Germany back to the top in the manufacturing sector, bring jobs back to Europe – and secure decisive competitive advantages for companies here. SmartFactoryKL is a manufacturer-independent demonstration and research plat form and unique in Europe.
Smart Industry Programme TNO, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, VNO-NCW and the Chambers of Commerce and FME have taken the initiative to make a report on the meaning of Smart Industry for companies, knowledge institutions, and government in the Netherlands. The Dutch ambition is to join the frontrunners and gain a strong position within that group. The Dutch industry has every chance to succeed in this challenge and further action to support this will be aligned with top sector policy. The Dutch business community – large and small – holds all the keys to engage with this promising development and to join forces with the frontrunners. The Netherlands has a strong tradition of collaboration in networks and clusters. Add to this world class ICT infrastructure and 93% internet penetration in households and it becomes evident that the Netherlands are poised to play a leading role in Smart Industry.

Analytical science is at the heart of innovation. As a public-private partnership, our community consists of more than 70 organizations with an interest in analytical science and technology. Our mission is to strengthen analytical science in The Netherlands through an integrated strategic agenda of Research and Development (R&D), Human Capital and Infrastructure (see also Products and Services). We wish to secure the availability of talent in analytical science.


TNO connects people and knowledge to create innovations that boost the sustainable competitive strength of industry and well-being of society. TNO was founded by law in 1932 to enable business and government to apply knowledge. As an organisation regulated by public law, they are independent: not part of any government, university or company. TNO is a major player in a growing international network comprised of leading scientific institutes, companies with ambitious development profiles, universities and other partners in knowledge. The knowledge TNO develops, integrates, will make applicable and puts into practice will only have value if they can use it to have a real social and economic impact.

Top sector Chemistry

The Top Sector Chemistry aims to work on solutions to major societal challenges. Grand Societal Challenges - as mentioned in the ambitious program Horizon by the European Commission in 2020. The chemistry focuses on five of the seven challenges- health, food , energy, transport and environment and natural resources. Because most challenges span multiple disciplines , the top sector sees many opportunities to work together with the other top sectors.

Tyndall National Institute

Established with a mission to support industry and academia in driving research to market, Tyndall National Institute is one of Europe’s leading research centres in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) research and development and the largest research facility of its type in Ireland. The Institute hosts over 460 researchers, engineers and support staff, including a full-time postgraduate cohort of 135 students, generating over 200 peer-reviewed publications each year. Tyndall is a lead partner in European research programmes in its core areas of ICT, communications, energy, health and the environment.

Universty of Twente (MESA+)

MESA+ is one of the world’s largest nanotechnology research institutes; and it’s the largest research institute in this field in the Netherlands. A total of 525 researchers work together on cutting-edge research at the highest level.

University of Twente  


On the exhibition demonstrators show concrete applications of the newest industrial technologies.

Name organisation Description of the demonstrator
Delft IMP B.V.

Atomic Layer Deposition on pneumatically transported particles: Bringing Nanoscale benefits to Macroscale products

Delft University of Technology Automated in-line metrology for nanoscale production - aim4np
FIDIA S.p.A. Innovative Decision Support Systems. Live demonstration on how RDSS (Repair Decision Support System) and DDSS (Decommissioning Decision Support System) software works and can be applied in a production context. RDSS and DDSS are two new decision support system software platforms developed within the context of an FP7 collaborative research project: EASE-R3.
hDMT Organ-on-chip technology: Towards precision medicine in future healthcare.
Authors: Janny van den Eijnden-van Raaij and Mieke Schutte, managing directors hDMT
IK4-CIDETEC PeptiCaps: Smart Nanocapsules for Cosmetics Formulation
ISPT Pop up Factory
KU Leuven Zeo-Light materials as novel phosphors in lighting applications


INTEFIX Case study: Auto-adaptive vibrations and instabilities suppression in general milling operations
PARAGON S.A. AIVAC: Artificial Intelligence Vibration Active Control
TNO Fit to purpose ductile concrete
TNO Pilot production of precision nanoparticles in wet-chemical synthesis: enabling analytical tools and their integration into a pilot reactor
TNO Playing the Big Data Game
Delft University of Technology Light.Touch.Matters: the product IS the interface
University of Twente

Smart design and management of reconfigurable assembly lines in the automotive industry

SME Instrument Champions

Horizon 2020- SME Instrument funding
ARTYS SRL / k-NOW-casting

Artys - www.artys.it - focuses primarily on offering, to both public and private entities, innovative ICT-based nowcasting and real-time Decision Support Services – DSS, based on dynamic risk analysis, able to show rainfall state in real-time and anticipate its consequences, for the management of extreme weather events and related hydrological risk. ARTYS - YouTube

Streamdata.io / LiveIT 

Streamdata.io, a French software company, provides Proxy-as-a-Service, which turns any API into a real-time experience, without requiring server-side code.  Technology has been initially used in Finance and more recently Industrial IOT, to unleash productivity gains obtained by connecting APIs between themselves as part of an industrial process, or collecting states from Industrial IoT in real-time for consumption by industrial applications. With 14 employees, Streamdata.io operates from France with customers in 10 countries: Germany, France, USA, Netherlands, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, India and Israel. Website: www.streamdata.io. Awards: Top 50 API 2015 (ProgrammableWeb), San Francisco and #execfintech Winner, Frankfurt 2016.

IBS Precision Engineering bv / InLineNano

Formed in 1993, IBS Precision Engineering is an SME that works with companies and research institutes world-wide to enable the manufacture of leading edge products or instruments where ultra-precision is critical. As experts in metrology (the science of measurement) IBS delivers technology solutions for ultra-precision measurement, motion control or applications demanding ultimate in geometrical accuracy.

IBS is an international company with headquarters in Eindhoven, Netherlands and subsidiaries in France (Evry) and Germany (Stuttgart). Website: www.ibspe.com

Tide Microfluidics / MAManUCA

Tide Microfluidics has developed microfluidic technology capable of creating uniform and size-controlled microparticles including microbubbles, microdroplets and emulsions. We are interested in the application of this technology for the production of targeted and personalised medicines and contrast agents, especially ultrasound contrast agents. To find out more about our innovative start-up and our patented technology why not visit our website www.tidemicrofluidics.com


STILZ Chimie is a French SME specialized in the development and manufacturing of paints and inks formulations for the luxury leather goods market, polyol pastes and in-mold paint systems for injection processes in the aeronautic sector. For more than 40 years, STILZ Chimie has been a recognized and prominent SME in its fields.

RESCOLL (an independent research company based in France specialized in the industrial applications of polymers-based materials) has developed and patented a new electrically conductive polyaniline formulation, under the tradename PANIPLAST. PANIPLAST polymers are safe-by-design, REACh compliant materials that can be used to produce highly concentrated dispersions with very high electrical conductivities and improved stability.

In 2015, in pursuing its growth strategy, RESCOLL acquires STILZ Chimie in order to expand its capabilities into the domain of industrial-scale synthesis and formulation, and bridge the performance capabilities and cost of PANIPLAST polymers with the increasing market demand for conductive materials.

LEAPIN Digital Keys / Digitalkeys LEAPIN has developed a new type of access control and unlocking system.
Digital Keys is a Software Development Kit that utilises apps and web-based software to set, send, receive and revoke time sensitive one-time use passwords (keys) to provide access anytime anywhere. A secure encrypted technology is used to overcome concern related to fear of hacking and security. The traditional magnetic stripe technology is outdated and the system is subject to regular failures. The installation of innovative smartlocks delivers a more reliable and secure system. LEAPIN's patented technology allows Digital Keys users to open doors with their smartphones, to self check-in to accommodation/assets with their smartphones, to web check-in to their accommodation/assets, to continue to use keycards linked with Near Field Communications and enable complete self-management of accommodation without human interaction. Digital Keys require no supporting network infrastructure through the use of a one-time password cloud based software. The flexibility of remotely controlling and managing access to properties provides convenient accessibility and does not restrict operating hours. Within the overall project, LEAPIN aims to: implement Near Field Communication technology and Bluetooth Low Energy technology features into the LEAPIN Software Development Kit; undertake at least three pilot trials of the smart lock in hotels in 3 EU countries; undertake a market replicability test of the software platform and its functionality; and establish a sound marketing and commercialization strategy. Website www.digitalkeys.co
LAB SERVICE ANALYTICA SRL / ODORPREP LabService Analytica was created in 1984 to commercialise certified reference material and dedicated instruments for the analysis of samples in food and environment laboratories. Since the beginning of 2013, LabService has been developing a technology for the real-time detection and rapid evaluation of odour annoyance, through the integration of automatic remote systems capable to record the olfactory perception of human receptors while performing highly representative samples when the odour episode is in progress.

ML Engraving is the international leader in laser engraving and laser texturing services. Our core business is to engrave the surface of metallic molds used in the plastic industry to manufacture plastic goods (wherever you can find plastic components: from electronic devices, footware industry, from households to automotive, from packaging to leisure & sports). We engrave surfaces with laser technology in order to create textures, such as leather-like finishes on automotive dashboards, antislipping finishes on soles for runnig shoes and so on. Our Company is developping its own technology (hardware and software) in order to improve its services and its efficiency.

Our texture represent the perceived quality of a plastic product, and so they have an aesthetic but also functional effect. Take a look to our website: www.mlengraving.com

Sampo Software

Sampo Software is software solutions and product company. It has 3 products, one is Machine Vision area (SignSense Technology), 2nd one is in 3D plugin for MS Visio (3D Visioner) and Open Source API management (APInf.io). It has already deployed SignSense based solutions for 3 customers, sold 1800 licenses to 3D Visioner and deployed APInf.io for 3 Finnish Ministries. The company is in the process of expanding its SignSense Technology for measuring big industrial elements with the width of 2 meters and height of 2 meters. More info at http://samposoftware.com and http://apinf.io  


Wde-Maspell (Italy) is a SME experienced in design and manufacture of plants for wood treatment. During the past 5 years the company started a process of transformation to become a technological centre for  wood treatment. WDE won Eco innovation programme in 2013 proposing an innovative solution for wood modification under vacuum and Sme inst phase 1 in 2015 as further development for structural wood (ESW project). WDE sell plants worldwide and is owner of more than 60 patents.  Main products are dryers  and thermo vacuum plants. Staff 10-20 persons. More information www.wde-maspell.it / www.tv4newood.it